The Travel and Tourism Industry of India

The travel and tourism industry of India takes pride of being the fifth biggest in context of its long term growth in Indian economy and is anticipated to emerge as the second biggest global employer by the FY 2019.
The contribution of Indian travel and tourism industry to the nation's GDP is anticipated to attain USD 187.4bn by 2019 against the present USD 67.4bn, as per Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2009 conducted by World Economic Forum. The research has also revealed that the GDP expansion for Indian travel and tourism industry will witness an increase by 7.7 % every year up to the next ten to fifteen years. Moreover, the revenue generated from exports by global visitors and tourism products are likely to produce USD 51.3 billion by FY 2019 against the present USD 16.8 bn.
To benefit from the ever-expanding travel and tourism industry of India, many agents have established Tours and Travel Companies in India. These companies provide attractive tour packages to families, individuals, honeymoon couples, and others to different part of the world.
Source: National Tourism News 


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