Bijapur Architecture

Bijapur Suddenly sprung into existence as an important factor in the affairs of the Deccan, rapidly attained the highest rank among its states, and just as suddenly collapsed. It enjoyed the dignity of a capital, the seat of the Adil Shahis, for two hundred years, and then surrendered its liberty... to the overhelming power of Delhi, and was thenceforth compelled to take the secondary rank of one of its numerous dependencies.

It may be as well here to insert a list of the kings of Bijapur with their dates, and the names of the principal monuments ascribed to their reigns.

1) Yusuf Adil Shah (1489-1510)-The first enclosure of the citadel or "Arkilla", the Deckhani Idgah, and Yusuf's old Jama Mosque.

2) Ismail Adil Shah (1510-1534)-The Champa Mahal (1521)

3) Mallu Adil Shah (1534) Deposed, No Works

4) Ibrahim Adil Shah-I (1534-1557)- Mosque at Ibrahimpur (1526), the Sola Thami Mahal (1528), Strenthened the fortifications of the citadel, the Ghalib Masjid, and the old Jama Masjid near the tomb of Hazrat Jafar Sakaf (1551)

5) Ali Adil Shah-I (1557-1580)- His own tomb in the south-west quarter of the city, the city walls and fortifications (1565), the Gagan Mahal (1561), the Chand Bauri, and the commencement of the Great Jama Masjid (1537); The Fortification of shahdurg (1558), and part of the fortified walls of Raichur (1570)

6) Ibrahim Adil Shah-II (1580-1626)- The Mausoleum of Taj Sultana called the Ibrahim Roza (1626), Sat Manzili (1583), the Haider Burj (1583), Malika-e-Jahan Masjid (1587), the Anand Mahal (1589), the Sasngeet or Nauras Mahal and other buildings at Nauraspur (1599-1624) and the Taj Bauri

7) Muhammad Adil Shah (1626-1656)- his own tomb the great Gol Gumbad, the Begam Talao water works (1651), the decoration of the Jama Masjid Mehrab, and the Asar Mahal

8) Ali Adil Shah-II (1656-1672)- The commencement of his own tomb to the north of the citadel, and the rebuilding of a length of the city walls close beside the Landa Qasab bastion (1662)

9) Sikander Adil Shah (1672-1686) No Works.

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