Brief History of Bijapur

The Chalukyan rulers of Kalyana laid the foundation of Bijapur city naming it Vijayapura "City of Victory" Bijapur came under muslim influence first under Allauddin Khilje, Sultan of Delhi and then under the Bahmani rulers of Bidar in 1347. Yusuf Adil Shah became governor of Bijapur in 1481, declar...ed his independence in 1489, Bijapur was the capital of Adil Shahi kingdom from 1489 to 1686. These world famous noble buildings, Mausoleums, Mosques, royal Palaces, Gardens and Fortifications were mainly built by the rulers of Adil Shahi Dynasty. Bijapur is called as Deccan Rome for its Historical Monuments and Rich Heritage.
Source : Abdul Aziz Rajput 

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